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  • Improved Google XML Sitemaps plugin with Multisite Support (XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 4.0.2) puts its sitemaps in a folder, in my case http://www.domain.tld/sitemaps/www-domain-tld.xml and http://www.domain.tld/sitemaps/www-domain-tld.xml.gz, not in the site’s home directory. This would be fine except it develops errors in the sitemaps — “URL not allowed. This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location” — because sitemaps can only include URLs which point to files in the same or deeper directories. And since all the files on the site are not below the http://www.domain.tld/sitemaps/ directory, it does not work on a multi-site installation. The only logical solution I can see is to have multiple sitemaps in the sites home directory. Can anyone point me to a more elegant solution? And why is the (Improved Google XML Sitemaps plugin with Multisite Support) default mode set up like this when its bound to error?

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  • I am working through the same issue of getting this plugin to generate a single sitemap for multiple sites beneath it.

    I am not however having the issue you describe. I have each of them generating a separate XML Sitemap, as opposed to them compiling into one.

    Are you certain you have the sitemaps directory in the right place?

    I am going to try to create the main domain sitemap using the Automatic Detection, but then for all subsites use the Custom Location, pointing to the files created by the main site.

    Can you elaborate on where you’re seeing the error you mentioned? And any insight on the problem I noted with this plugin would be greatly appreciated.


    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold



    you can check out the new test version of the original Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which supports the multisite mode and doesn’t have this problem.

    @newhollandbrew — What do you think the right place for the sitemaps directory should be. The plugin default was what I used. The error was reported by Google’s Webmaster Tools. In the end, I solved my problem by abandoning the sitemaps directory and using the site’s home directory. Now I am going to do what Arne has asked and try out the new beta version and see how it goes.

    I’m trying the beta too – I don’t know why ours worked differently in the former version, as the sitemaps directory worked for me without error. The beta however has not been able to pull the subsites into one sitemap – they are all separate. Did the beta solve your issue?

    I am hoping to learn today whether I am expecting something the plugin doesn’t provide, or specifically how to do it correctly.


    I think I found a solution.

    For me the sitemap was created, only when I initiate it manual, but never automatically.

    I knew, that it is a problem with the path, …

    So I just clicked the own path instead automatic path, but left exactly the preset, now it works automatically too.




Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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