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  • I’m happy with Akismet’s spam filtering. What I’d like to find is a plugin to reduce the tedium of double-checking all the spam. I currently have 484 messages in my spam queue, and quite a few of them will be multiple screens in length, so I have to scroll through screen after screen and page after page of this garbage.

    What’s the best way to reduce this? I can think of two main ways, which could both be used:
    * Display an extract of each comment – maybe the beginning, maybe the most obvious spammy bit. Then it becomes a bit like scanning the spam folder in Gmail, where I can see the subject and the first words of the email in a single line, and can check 100 messages in each page.
    * Have a separate “definitely spam” bin that I don’t need to check. E.g. If a message contains 40 links and multiple terms common to spam, I’m happy to trust the spam filter if it says “definitely spam.”

    I think I saw a plugin that has the second feature, but now I can’t find it.

    Any suggestions?

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  • write down the IP addresses, you will see most of that spam is done by few IP addresses.

    Then delete the messages.
    Block spammy IP addresses.

    I had over 5000 spam messages…I have to approve comments on my sites, I was on vacation by the way.

    So what I did:

    write down the IP addresses of the first page, then delete ALL 5000+ messages.
    I banned those IP addresses.

    Repeat process a few times.

    You will notice less and less spam.

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