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  • I think like many, the only way I found out about was through someone else mentioning it, otherwise frankly, I wouldn’t have known. Regardless of the importance of the update, could WP Forums make use of the side bar where the search resides in such a lonely way? Perhaps you can have a box like the Web Application of the Year you have the top, but in the sidebar stating clearly on the support page what version of WP is currently official?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    This was posted to the hackers list in response to a post:
    “Obviously something very important came up that necessitated a release, and we wanted to double-check the fix before making a formal announcement. The timeline is Report -> 40 minutes -> Release -> next morning -> announcment. The code wasn’t able to be immediately reviewed last night because it was 12 AM on the west coast and most of the other devs had already gone to be for the night.”

    Now ….. that’s a fast response from Matt and arguably, had he not bumped the code and version someone would be yelling for his head – the guy can’t win.
    And I have no idea what time it is where Matt is or how many emails from the other devs he has had, but maybe the official announcement is yet to come ?

    It’s 9.30 in the morning on pacific coast, i suppose the announce will be today in our evening or night… and yes Podz you right any move or not move it’s a complain from someone. It’s impossible to make all people happy, just to keep the angry ones fews 🙂

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    1) not complaining, never said it was a complaint, so let’s get that sorted yeah? it was feedback – didn’t know feedback was a complaint. I wasn’t aware of the full facts, but thanks to Podz I am now so thanks for that Podz.

    2) But in the same instance, 15.1.1 was announced in a similar fashion wasn’t it? All I’m saying is if it’s available from the download area, it would also be logical to announce it on the front of the support page since tha’ts the most frequented.

    Apologies for providing feedback; I guess I’ll know better next time

    check this link

    no need to download the entire thing — its just a one line addition to the “template-functions-category.php” file.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    In the workflow of new releases, the download page is updated before the dev blog release announcement. That’s just the way it’s done right now. In this case a decision was made that the security of WordPress users was an acceptable tradeoff for the delays in the annoucement.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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