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  • I am using the sandbox theme on site which has been modified with a port of the AoC community website. If you will go to my front page (please note I am still working on this theme, both on a live install and my localhost machine) that you will see a space between the bottom of my entry-content section when a user is logged out, but when a user is logged in all is well (you will be unable to test this itself, but take my word for it). This is because of the ‘Edit’ link that shows up for logged in users, and it completes that space. How can I fix this issue? I have tried margin-bottom to the entry-content section to no avail.

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  • TES

    Sorry, didn’t include a link, and to make it easier on the eyes trying to find one.

    bump… support is next to impossible here isn’t it?

    in the generated HTML source i saw two break tags ( “

    ” ) above and outside of the “container” DIV – i don’t know what they do – maybe they are doing the thing you are mentioning…

    … two break tags ( “

    ” ) …

    anywho – what i’m thinking is depending on how your DIV’s are CSS’ed, those break tags might be popping on down to the bottom of your page – don’t know how the Edit option would “fix” that – unless those breaks are somehow part of that edit option and when that option isn’t present them breaks break…

    gees – how do you write code here?

    … two break tags ( “<br /><br />” ) …

    Well, I’m no professional if thats what you are thinking…. haha! Thanks for replying though. The site template is in a very much ‘beta’ stage, as when I get things working properly, I will clean up the code, as that is the best I can do as a coder.

    The section that contains the unwanted break is in the content tags, where there are no unwanted or unneeded line breaks. I’m sorry for there not being a front page up right now, there was one when I asked this question originally, but I did some work on it since then and move things around. Here is a page not officially published, but you can atleast see what I am talking about.

    Bah, last reply to my own topic here… I fixed it by moving my ‘contentBtm’ div inside my ‘contentMid’, which caused it to fix. This is not what I was wanting, but if it fixes it for me, so be it, I will mess with padding and margin properties later.

    Might I request some support on this topic though, as it is more pressing at this point in time. Thanks for your help squeeky, any suggestions for my bd coding and use of line breaks are most appreciated.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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