• I was looking at this plugin as my needs were pretty unique and this plugin needed to fit the bill. It turned out to be perfect with the one minor hiccup being that I wanted to extend this plugin’s functionality to non-WordPress pages.

    When I posted to the forum, I was directed to the plugin’s documentation, which was very thorough, but I didn’t know PHP or understand the WordPress API. Could I have just hired someone to put it together for me? Sure, but I’m stubborn, so what did I do? I took a PHP intro course and a WordPress REST API intro course. After less than two weeks of dedicated study (and some time on Google), my non-WordPress pages were able to see the membership levels and I was able to create the appropriate conditions for user access.

    Why do I mention this? Because if I, as a total programming and WordPress noob, can figure it out then that says a lot about how good the quality of the documentation is for this plugin.

    If you understand WordPress and have some PHP, you will benefit greatly from this plugin and its ease of integration.

    This plugin is also actively managed with helpful, attentive support and it is my honest opinion that as far as paid membership plugins go, this one is the absolute best.

    Download it. You won’t regret it.

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