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    Are you sick and tired of people commenting on your blog using your email address?

    No? Well, do you stay up at night dreadfully afraid that someone will post a comment to your blog pretending to be you?

    No? Well, do you feel you need to install even more plugins to make your WordPress experience complete?

    Run, do not walk, to download Impostercide!

    This plugin ensures that no one can post a comment using the email address of a registered user except that registered user. Registered users must be signed in to the blog in order to post comments using their email address. Of course, everyone else is free to use any other email address they feel like appropriating, provided that it doesn’t belong to a registered user on the blog.

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  • [Okay, skippy. Take a DEEEEEPPPP breath, put your head between your knees….]

    *laughing* All right, I’ll give it a shot. I don’t worry about any of the above, because my blogs are SOOOOO private no one but me knows they’re there, but I’ll try it out anyway…. just to make sure it doesn’t break anything, you understand….

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