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  • Hello,

    When i try to modify an uploaded image with the wp tool, the image doesn’t display and i can’t crop or turn or whatever.

    See here :

    If i try to rotate, i have this message : “Could not load the preview image. Please reload the page and try again.” (in french : “Impossible de charger l’image de prévisualisation. Veuillez recharger la page et réessayer.”)

    The URL of the broken image is :

    The error occurs even if i disable every extensions, even if i change theme, and one of the solutions i read on Internet (cleaning empty lines in the “functions.php” file of the theme) doesn’t change anything, error is still here.

    I you have an idea, thanks²²²

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  • Hello what is your website link? The link above if I try to click on I get a Forbidden message. Is this your website?

    Oops, it was a screenshot :

    Has this problem started now or has it been occurring for a while?

    I don’t know, i never tried to use this tool before :/

    Are you referring to the upload manager within wordpress? Can you provide an example of your procedure when you upload an image using WordPress upload manager?

    No, i was referring to the modifying image tool in WP, for upload, i use the tool “insert media” in the article, everything seems to work well, except for modification

    Okay, so when you try to edit an image you get an error is that correct? Can you upload a test image into a test post and try to edit?

    Yes, when i wnt to edit an image, the image isn’t displayed. I tried many many times but nothing changes, every the same problem.

    Here is the URL of the image in the editor :

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Did you upload an image into the post or page? If you uploaded an image what is the extension i.e .png, .gif. .jpg ?

    Into a post, a jpg and a png, same thing.

    If you go to Media >> Library do you see the image there?


    Yes, it’s only if i want to modify it that i have a problem…

    Well it looks like that your WordPress might be corrupted. Are you running WordPress 3.4.1? If you are then I suggest that you reinstall it again because from what I read so far you have done just about everything that you can think off without solving your problem.

    Make sure you have a current backup and then reinstall WordPress again. One more action you can take is make sure that the folder where your images are stored have the correct permissions and also make sure that you have enough memory to edit the images. Sometimes WordPress might behave strangely if it does not have enough memory to process it’s actions.

    Kind regards

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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