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    Some of our users report that there’s no “Add new topic” link in the forum we’ve set up (with the brilliant RS-discuss plugin (0.52)). We first thought this was permissions issue, but even after upgrading one user to Administrator and letting him log out and in again, there’s no New topic link visible.
    Only some users have this experience. We have not succeeded to provoke the problem on any of our own computers. I believe they all use Windows and Exploder, probably a late version. The problem does only appear in the Forum; its fully possible to ad comments in the blog itself.

    Please have a look at
    The Add topic link (Skriv nytt innlegg) should appear down right under the blue line with the forum title (italia-sporsmal og svar)

    Grateful for any feedback!

    PS Active plugins on WP 2.1.2:
    Akismet 2.0 – Extended live archive 0.10beta-r18 – Feeds Widget 1.2 – Quick Stats 1.1 – RS-discuss 0.52 – Sidebar Modules 1.0.7i3 – Subscribe To Comments 2.1 – WordPress Database Backup 1.8

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  • Correction: The problem also appears in the blog. No link to Add comment (as I understood Mr. User)

    PS I’ve previously altered some css files. These should all be replaced by original ones now.

    Seems like its a problem just with Explorer. No Mac users nor users of eg. Firefox have these experiences.
    Anyone who can help me with a workaround – give hints on plugin conflicts – or even tell me if it works with Exploder in latest version?

    The link is there, it’s just white. Probably because your default anchor links are white. You can’t see it in IE6. With IE6, you have to get *really* specific. So it’d be #ID p a, #id p a:link, #ID p a:hover {color here}

    Thanks a LOT for your input!
    Could you just help me on to where I should insert the css code? I guess its in the
    wp-content – plugins – rs-content – template.css ?

    The only file I’ve altered is the rs-discuss’ template.php, where (I believe) have only translated the visible text to Norwegian. (Putting back the original template.php did not fix the problem.)
    Thanks again,

    In this stylesheet:

    You only have “a” defaults for the table cells. So, at the bottom of that stylesheet, add in:

    #rs-discuss a.create-new, #rs-discuss a.create-new:link, #rs-discuss a.create-new:visited {
    color: #000;

    That’ll change the color of the link to black – you’ll want to change it to the proper color.

    If you look in IE 6, the link *is* there – you can hover over it just fine and click it. It’s just white, so it matches the background of the page. That *should* help.

    Another possibility for the error is that you have it floated, and the “Sider:1” is floated, as well – BUT the “sider” comes *after* the link in question in the source code. There may be a positioning issue there that you need to play with.

    Ah – I see you changed the background color to gray, and the link is still invisible (although if you click that area, it’ll go right to the login).

    So it may be the positioning thing. You might also try adding to the bottom of this stylesheet: a.create-new {

    This should bring it back into a viewable area, and you can play with the margin/padding for that link (it’ll target *only* that link, too) The pink background will also help you locate it, and see how large the area in question is – it just helps to give a better visual without knocking things out of alignment.

    Great! – Suddenly everything got so easy.
    It always impresses me when some stranger not only gives a useful answer, but espescially when you put such effort into explaining thing – even lining out different possibilities.
    So: Thanks a lot!
    It seems that only the color adjustments where nescessary. But I’ll let you know the final solution when I’ve found enough people with non-Mac computers using Explorer in elder versions.

    The only thing I don’t understand now, is why this hasn’t been a more (findable) issue discussed in the forums – at and (who made the rs-discuss discussion forum plugin). As it is, it must be a non-Explorer discussion forum?


    Well – some more strugling, but now it seems to work almost as it should.
    The Add new topic (Skriv nytt innlegg) link ends up to the left instead of to the right.
    If I insert a float: right either in the code below (at the bottom of the …/rs-discuss/template.css file) – the link goes white again. Not even the pink background you suggested shows – in IE 6.
    I guess its a css conflict somewhere, but at least: IT WORKS, and its reduced to a minor css/ layout problem.
    Thanks again,

    PS The code I ended up with at the end of template.css file:
    } a.create-new {
    #rs-discuss a.create-new, #rs-discuss a.create-new:link, #rs-discuss a.create-new:visited {
    float: none;

    If I insert a float: right either in the code below (at the bottom of the …/rs-discuss/template.css file) – the link goes white again. Not even the pink background you suggested shows – in IE 6.

    There’s a couple of reasons this could be happening. IE has what’s called the “3-pixel bug” that it adds to floated elements (IE will add 3 pixes to the width of floated elements – why? I dunno – ask Bill!). What may be happening is that the width of your container is only so wide, and when you add the float (if a width is added), it may be too wide for the container it’s in, so it’s dropping behind everything else.

    Also, when you float things right, they drop below anything that’s floated left, so you have to add in an additional negative margin for the top to bring it up if there’s any overlap in width.

    If this scenario fits your situation, then I’d try removing the width from floated elements and messing with the margins. Again, if you color the backgrounds to both floated elements, you can see what needs to be nudged, and when it’s done, you can remove the background color.

    You can also target IE by using conditional comments to fix *only* IE (and not affect any other browsers with this fix).

    <!-- if [lte IE6]>
    <style type="text/css">
    style info here

    That tells the browser that, “if it’s less than or equal to IE6, then apply these styles.”

    is why this hasn’t been a more (findable) issue discussed in the forums – at and

    Because, in all honesty, this is a style issue based upon how your layout is set up. It’s not a plugin or wordpress issue – it’s a design issue. You can find most answers to design questions pretty much anywhere. Position is Everything is an *excellent* place to go for IE (and other browser) quirks and CSS info. (their standalone browser tutorial is *excellent* – I bet if you emailed Holly or John, they’d tell you if it’s possible to set it up on a Mac) Eric Meyer’s CSS_Discuss List is a good place to go, as well.

    Thanks a lot again!
    Of course I’ll try out your advice. Just now – since I have a deadline Tuesday – I’ll have to leave it till then. After all, things are working almost perfectly.
    I’ll be back (as some governour said)

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