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  • Well, I have officially tried over 20 video plugins and all fail.
    My single goal was to upload an MP4 file, add it to a post, and be able to view it on my iDevice.

    I’ve posted for help here, I’ve googled the hell out of the problem and watched countless videos that promise to solve my problem but only end up showing me how to embed YouTube videos.

    All I want to do is upload an MP4 that I created in Camtasia.
    Add this video to a post.
    Have this video be viewable on my iPhone.

    I used to do this all the time with iWeb, but I switched to WordPress. I assumed it would be possible, but I give up.

    This is one last ditch effort.
    I will be creating iWeb pages on my mac and copying and pasting the resulting code into WordPress from now on.

    Ridiculous I might add… but I have NO idea how else to do this.

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  • I’ve tried podPress, Secure HTML5, Degradabale HTML5 Video, and more… this is all I see on my iPhone when I view the post that is SUPPOSED to have the video in it…

    I am hosting this video on MY server…

    Apparently WordPress Multisite messes with the bits and bytes of the videos through the URL re-writing stuff. So, there is a workaround that requires Apache server mod downloads and installations… or you can get the DIRECT and ACTUAL URL to your videos and use those. A little annoying, but at least usable…

    Any other ideas?

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