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  • hi guys

    I’m new to WordPress, but a long-standing blogger (5 years) and pretty tech-savvy, but you know, there are limits. Anyway:

    I’ve imported 1,000+ posts from Blogger – not without difficulties familiar to readers of this forum – but I got them all in the end, along with some, but not all of the Blogger-native comments. Never mind. Before Blogger had its own comments, I used YACCS comment system, and I’ve just recovered all the YACCS comments in XML. Approx 300 comments, in 160 threads.

    Now, the XML (happily) includes thread IDs that correspond to post IDs from the imported Blogger posts, so I am thinking that it *should* be possible to import these comments into my blog, attaching the comments in the right places. However, I can’t find any documentation that covers this kind of operation specifically. It wouldn’t be a lot of use if the comments showed up as seperate posts in the blog, and certainly I don’t want to find that imported comment threads are overwriting the posts with the corresponding IDs – that would NOT be a good result at all, especially since the Blogger blog no longer exists.

    Not the end of the world if I can’t get a bunch of old comments to sit in the new blog, but if it can be done without too much grief, so much the better.

    Yes, I know, I need “some kind of script” to do this. It shouldn’t be too complicated, but its a little out of my experience.

    Any thotz?

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