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  • I was using but now have the full wordpress installed on my own server space. How do I import the old blog into my new space?

    Many thanks!

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  • After logging into my own account, I can’t see a way.

    I understand this is frustrating as you no doubt have a few posts.

    Great to hear you’ve got your own WordPress install now though 🙂

    Someone like podz may be able to help you though. Good luck! And sorry I can’t provide an answer other than I don’t know if it can actually be done. 🙁

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have no idea how.
    This was posted here a few days ago and the rss feeds were suggested but that’s a poor solution.

    Use the feedback link in the blog – there has to be an answer for this as more and more people will do this.

    There’s a post or so in the FAQ (at .com) which indicates “they’re looking into a personal backup solution”. The last date for that seems to have been in October though….

    Is there no ability to back up a blog? If that were the case, you could grab your data and just do whatever pleases you.

    One possibility that I would consider is the use of wget (a grabber) to recursively go through your blog and saving all posts to your hard-drive. They can then be assembled and imported to your personal domain more rapidly.

    Nope – no backups, no access to data, no plugins, not much in the way of themes.

    Wget might work…. hadn’t thought of that (though I don’t have anything I want particularly anyway, but may help out someone else!)

    Have you tried to use the RSS importer yet? It is not a solution for ALL the old post (at your, but it is an idea as a help for the future.

    One of my wp blog has entries less than 1000. I’ve tried to set the RSS Feed number to 1000 posts for a sync (sync…import to another wp blog), but it seems that the max output of it is 150. Any idea?

    Hi, I am trying the RSS-solution… but I dont know how to get an RSS file out of my blog. Can anybody help me?

    Anybody knows? It’s quite urgent 🙁

    oops, sorry, miss read the post.

    Anyone tried a cURL solution yet?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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