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  • I have been trying for the upteenth time to export and import from one WordPress installation to another (both single, self hosted). Every time the data does get carried over, but all the posts lose the tags and categories that were assigned to them. Instead every post has no tags and are assigned the default category. Seriously?

    Is there any fix/workaround to this?

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  • This should not occur, I would redo the export carefully following these instructions, especially step 1, select all.

    I’m not importing the database, I’m using the import/export utility within WordPress, which is apparently buggy as all hell that it can’t even do a successful import from one native WordPress installation to another.

    I’m trying to avoid database dumps so I’m not carrying over years of bloated crap as a result of data left over from old plugins, revisions, etc.

    I would use the php admin functions provided by your webhost, most of which are outlined in my link above.

    Also you could read up on which tables contain plugin data, users data, etc. and also optimize those tables.

    Also, the posts created would have the category and tag info in them, but as they are not in the database when queried, the result is there is nothing to display, you could test this by creating some categories and tags exactly the same as your old site, reviewing posts that were in that category or used that tag.

    My host does not provide PHP admin functions so my only recourse is to use a solution like BackupBuddy or something similar.

    The problem though is that these categories and tags have been successfully created on the new site, they just aren’t being assigned to the posts they’re supposed to be assigned to.

    I see, so the posts have tags and categories, but not the proper ones? That is quite different that your original post?

    Also, I am quite curious as to what web host does not provide database administration to a qualified account holder…Please share who they are so we can all avoid them.

    No, what’s happening is all the categories and tags are imported to the new site, but they’re not assigned to any post. I have over 1000 posts now all in the “uncategorized” because the import function refuses to assign them correctly, even though the data is in the import file as far as I can tell.

    The host is WordPress only hosting so all the sysadmin is reserved for their usage by design. Not bad people, just completely inept at trying to determine what is causing my site to throw 502 gateway errors all over the place.

    You are moving from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org?

    No, from one host to another, although this is similar to the issue of importing to a self hosted WordPress site from that I’ve seen reported in other threads, but that’s not the case here.

    My new host is working on it though, as other clients have experienced this bug as well and they are looking to resolve the issue once and for all. Thank goodness, because I thought it was just me too.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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