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    Hi there

    I’ve been using Tools import for about a year now and the files are always the same just some text in between gets updated.

    WordPress Importer
    Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.
    Version 0.6 | By wordpressdotorg

    It worked up until yesterday with a google doc export .tsv file (text file with all the codes in there).
    I’ve tried several machines and no go.
    Has anything changed on wordpress that I can’t use that tool anymore?

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  • Is it possible that it has to do with WP 3.5 since it still works on an WP 3.4 install site.

    I narrowed it down to this section of the text export/import file
    So if it reads this it does not work:

    but if it reads like this it does(changed the exported text file to that):


    Since I export all of the text and code from a google spreadsheet
    and it has worked so far for 9 month why not any more in WP 3.5?
    If I however change the spreadsheet to export exactly like that
    it screws up the date it displays to 01/14/2013 and will not post either. So far I could not figure it out why this is happening
    Any Ideas anyone


    I guess nobody does any recurring posts with 80% same text.
    My conclusion:
    Wordpress 3.5 changed the way it reads (date) data so I changed
    my template in google docs instead of date format (2013-1-23)in the field
    I use plain text now (2013-1-23)looks the same but has a different outcome
    meaning it works.
    What it does:
    Displays a nice 2 column table with my data and adds all the TAGS, Keywords, Description, Category, post schedule and so forth automatic.
    This was very educational

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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