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  • Hi guys I’m trying to upload a new wordpress theme using phpMyAdmin, provided by my host. I’ve scoured the net to find advice but to no avail, can anyone advise?

    I’ve got all my wordpress files installed:


    I just don’t know how to go about uploading my theme files nor where I should put them. Being new to phpMyAdmin I’m a trifle clueless to say the least. I know how to browse and import files but do not know what format I need to upload them in, so far the only format I’ve had any success with was ‘CSV using LOAD DATA’. I know how to create a new table on the database if need be, but again do not know what to call it. When I tried uploading files I uploaded then to a new database I’d made called wp-content but nothing appeared in my directory ‘wp-content/themes/’ so obviously I’d got that all wrong.

    Unfortunately my host does not allow ftp access, if they did the job would be a doddle, it’s the phpMyAdmin that’s got me stumped.

    If anyone can list what has to be done, I’d be most gtateful.

    Thanks, Adrian.

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  • Hi guys I’m trying to upload a new wordpress theme using phpMyAdmin

    That’s nonsense.
    Themes are files that should be uploaded to the server via a FTP client.

    Theme files are FILES. phpMyAdmin is for managing your DATABASE. Two entirely different things.

    You will probably use FTP to upload your theme. You will absolutely not use phpMyAdmin in any way at all. There is no way to upload files to a website using phpMyAdmin.

    Ask your host how you can access your websites files. And if they don’t offer FTP, like you say, then get a different host. ALL webhosts allow FTP. It makes no sense for them not to.


    I can ftp to my host for my html web pages. It’s just that the Word Press files are located on a seperate server, which can only be accessed by phpMyAdmin. I assumed the two servers would not interact. Hence why I thought the theme had to be uploaded via phpMyAdmin.

    Now phpMyAdmin makes sense I wondered why I couln’t find anything relating to uploading files – thank you.

    And thinking about it!!!!! – My domain name’s the same for both servers, so of course I can ftp – silly me.

    Now life can return to normal, whatever…

    Many thanks,



    Just one further thought: I suppose I’ll have to make a sub folder to my root, will that need to be named wp-content/themes?

    Best regards,


    No. There is already a wp-content/themes directory somewhere on your webserver. You have to find it, along with the other WordPress files.

    The WordPress files are NOT located on a separate server. They are on your webserver. Really. Only the DATABASE is on some separate server.

    I’m confused I have the WordPress-2.6.2 extracted zip files on my local computer including the wp-content/themes directory that presently is empty, but no no files on my ftp/server. Should I make seperate wordpress folders as on my local computer and upload or just upload all files with my other html.gif/jpg files.

    When I installed WordPress my host did an autoinstall and as far as I can see the only files installed are the ones in my phpMyAdmin.

    Best regards,


    Wait – I think I’ve discovered my problem, I have just refreshed my ftp and it’s downloaded the wordpress files to the server side. Now all is beginning to make sense – huh!

    Normally I’m quite calm, really!

    Thanks again, I’ll let you know if I can’t sort it, but I think all should be ok now.

    Best regards,


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