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    Over the past six years, I sent a weekly motivational newsletter to a growing list of subscribers. At this point, I’ve got close to 6,500 people, but my old host was not able to support that many. Thanks to the OUTSTANDING support on the site, I’ve got my new site up and running. Now that the site is in place, I need to migrate the e-mails to a database on the new site for blogging. However, I’m very new at this…and although I managed to change the excel file of all the emails to CSV, I don’t know how or where to put it.
    1) How (and to where) do I import these email only values? I’m guessing the database needs to be set up initially to collect one value: emails.
    2) I will probably want to collect more information on those subscribers who sign up later. Can I safely add more fields after I have the current emails imported?
    3) I read somewhere that the individual subscribers had to approve receiving the blog. These people have already been with me for years. Is there a way I can administratively bypass (in bulk) the individual approval process for the existing list?
    Thank you

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