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  • For now I just want to find out if I can use WordPress to import RSS feeds from outside RSS sources to my webpages on my site. Also, must I use the .php extension for the pages, or is it possible to make this work on .html pages?

    I don’t want to make my site’s main .htaccess writeable if avoidable for security reasons, but if I can use other writable .htaccess files elsewhere on my site specifically for WordPress, that would be ok.

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  • Using .html pages would be tricky, and involve a lot of editing of the code, and having your host set your server to interpret .html files as PHP.

    For importing,

    And making .htaccess writable is optional and not needed.

    I’m not sure if that’s what I’m looking for. What I want to know is can I take an XML link from a newsfeed site and have it feed dynamic content on pages anywhere on my site including my homepage? I can easily rename my hompage to index.php and do the same for all main subdirectory pages too, so that RSS feeds can work on them. I would assume I would add something like <?include……?> on the page where I want the newsfeed to appear.

    Also, can WordPress generate pages anywhere on my site, or only within it’s installation directory? I named this “wordpress” assuming I can do this.

    See CG-Feedread:

    I believe it works in or out of WP. The dev provides a lot of support for it here, as well.

    I named my installation directory “wordpress.” If I want, can I easily rename it to whatever I want from my WS_FTP?

    “I named my installation directory “wordpress.” If I want, can I easily rename it to whatever I want “

    First make sure to change the WordPress and Blog address under Options > General *before* renaming the directory. Otherwise you may be unable to access the site/admin pages. Once that’s done, you can alter the directory name through ftp.

    Note that you may want to start a new thread the next time you have a question which is not in relation to the topic of an existing one, mainly to assure it gets better noticed. Also, forum threads meandering through a number of topics can get difficult to follow, especially when others come along later looking for help/answers.

    Thanks K. I can’t keep up with all the threads (gotta pay bills!).

    Yes, CG-FeedRead was built to be a lightweight PHP script for gathering/aggregating RSS feeds into any PHP pages on your site. You can do it as a main block of content, or as a sidebar, or any other imaginative approach. 😉


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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