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Importing RSS feeds to existing webpages

  • For now I just want to find out if I can use WordPress to import RSS feeds from outside RSS sources to my webpages on my site. Also, must I use the .php extension for the pages, or is it possible to make this work on .html pages?

    I don’t want to make my site’s main .htaccess writeable if avoidable for security reasons, but if I can use other writable .htaccess files elsewhere on my site specifically for WordPress, that would be ok.

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  • Using .html pages would be tricky, and involve a lot of editing of the code, and having your host set your server to interpret .html files as PHP.

    For importing, http://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content#Importing_from_an_RSS_feed

    And making .htaccess writable is optional and not needed.

    I’m not sure if that’s what I’m looking for. What I want to know is can I take an XML link from a newsfeed site and have it feed dynamic content on pages anywhere on my site including my homepage? I can easily rename my hompage to index.php and do the same for all main subdirectory pages too, so that RSS feeds can work on them. I would assume I would add something like <?include……?> on the page where I want the newsfeed to appear.

    Also, can WordPress generate pages anywhere on my site, or only within it’s installation directory? I named this “wordpress” assuming I can do this.

    See CG-Feedread:


    I believe it works in or out of WP. The dev provides a lot of support for it here, as well.

    I named my installation directory “wordpress.” If I want, can I easily rename it to whatever I want from my WS_FTP?

    “I named my installation directory “wordpress.” If I want, can I easily rename it to whatever I want “

    First make sure to change the WordPress and Blog address under Options > General *before* renaming the directory. Otherwise you may be unable to access the site/admin pages. Once that’s done, you can alter the directory name through ftp.

    Note that you may want to start a new thread the next time you have a question which is not in relation to the topic of an existing one, mainly to assure it gets better noticed. Also, forum threads meandering through a number of topics can get difficult to follow, especially when others come along later looking for help/answers.

    Thanks K. I can’t keep up with all the threads (gotta pay bills!).

    Yes, CG-FeedRead was built to be a lightweight PHP script for gathering/aggregating RSS feeds into any PHP pages on your site. You can do it as a main block of content, or as a sidebar, or any other imaginative approach. 😉


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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