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    On the Plugins page in your dashboard, under “Create by Mediavine” you should see a link to download our importers plugin.

    After installing the plugin, you can check out check out this link for detailed instructions on using the importer.

    Thanks for checking out our plugin, and let us know if you have any more questions!


    Hi, Ethan,

    I’ve downloaded the plugins and started importing my recipes but all of them say (I checked about 7) they have missing thumbnail and number of servings. Though when I check the recipe using the new plugin this information is displaying. I haven’t verified any of the recipes so I actually don’t know if it will look ok or not. What are the chances that it will?

    Also, once I register the automatic information will it always be calculated automatically for every recipe? This is a very important feature for me.

    My JSON-LD schema shows 2 warnings: one for the nutritional information (this will be included) and one for no videos. I am not making videos at the moment, so does that mean I will be ranked lower by google?

    What do I do about the shortcode in the Utilities section? Do I need it?

    Finally, what is meant by additional CSS class?

    Sorry about all these questions, but I need to be sure this plugin will work for me.

    Many thanks

    Plugin Author mediavine



    We’ve had reports of false negatives when it comes to importing from other plugins – if you verify the recipe and find the fields are there, you can ignore the warning. We recommend verifying every single recipe. It’s a little tedious, but importing recipes is an inexact science and it’s good to be sure that all your data is correct. If you find yourself running into issues repeatedly, please reach out to and we can troubleshoot from there.

    When you’ve registered for automatic nutrition, you’ll still need to click the “Calculate” button in the nutrition fields and confirm the data. (Depending on your ingredients, the nutrition might not be entirely correct. Because of this, we don’t want to automatically display it to readers without you confirming it first.)

    Don’t worry about not having videos! It’s merely a warning, and not an error. While videos will help your posts rank in Google, they’re certainly not necessary.

    Don’t worry about the shortcode either – it’s there so that we can support certain page builder plugins, but if not using those, clicking the “Publish” button within a post will automatically take care of inserting the card for you.

    The “Additional CSS class” is there if you’d like to add a class to a single card that would allow you to style it differently with CSS. Otherwise, there’s no need to fill it out.

    Thanks again for checking out our plugin!


    Thank you! I will go ahead and import my recipes.

    Kind regards


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