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    Because I am so handicapped with wordpress, I screwed up my website last week. I had backed up my entire database back in September, so before I restored to that version, I exported all of my website content to my hard drive.

    I was able to successfully restore my website back to the september version, and now I am trying to import the recent content back in using the wordpress import tool. It is importing successfully (at least the message says it is), but the content is not being replaced with the newer version. Any idea on what I’ve done wrong?

    Thanks, folks!!

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  • The import xml that you are using -> Can you open with a text editor and validate that the recent post content exists?

    After import, check if the count of posts are increasing.

    If you import the xml, it won’t overwrite the existing posts with updated content. It will create new entries/posts with different permalinks.

    Oh, okay. I wanted it to overwrite older versions of posts and pages with newer versions. I have the same number of posts since September (b/c most of them are pages anyway) save a few new ones, and those were successfully added after I imported my recent .xml file. Mostly, though, the changes I’ve made to my site since September were new content/links/files/information within existing pages.

    So, if that is the case, what would you recommend I do? Delete content and then import the xml file?

    I apologize for being so ignorant.

    1) Export the original set of posts/pages (to keep a backup xml)
    2) Delete the posts/pages (also clear the trash), else same permalink posts/pages will have a conflict
    3) Import your latest posts/pages with your changes

    OMgoodness!! Thanks, it worked!! Whew. Now to set my backup plugin to back up much, much more frequently!

    Closing thread.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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