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  • 1: I have entire databases worth of questions in mysql databases that I want to test on the plugin, but there is just no way I can find to import them. What the hell is .wpq format and how do I import all of my questions?
    2: Because I can’t import, I would be stuck hand copying each line into the lines of input on the plugin. Unfortunately, this isn’t even easy because you have to scroll down so much, the test input piece doesn’t all fit on one page. Are there plans to implement some feature for actually importing stuff you’ve already done?
    3. Some of my tests are adaptive (meaning it gives you a random sample of questions from all categories, and first selects those labeled “Hard” and if you do well, it stops asking you questions from that category, if you don’t do well, it asks you questions from the medium category, and finally the easy category until it determines where you’re knowledge and weaknesses are. Is there anything else on the internet like this, or can I hire one of you geniuses to incorporate it into a personal plugin for me?
    4. Tags, categories and difficulty – I don’t find any way to divide your test banks by anything other than seperate quizzes. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for all your hard work. This is the best general use test plugin that I’ve used. I just want to see if I can make it exist with my current framework.

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