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  • Resolved Anderson Narciso


    Hey, guys, you all right?

    I am with a customer who needs an import of a total of 45,115 “Products”, are parts and accessories for motorcycles.

    Have this list in TXT file, in which it is exported directly from the vendor’s extranet. Which tool would you indicate me to effect the import?

    The products are listed within the TXT, this way:

    BR10-49001-PR1G(product code)
    MOLETOM ABERTO COM ZIPER(product name)
    G(size)000000000008960(product price)
    000000000005824000000000000000000061091000(Some other product-related numbering)


    I inserted the description of the fields for better understanding, but the price part is exported this way even:

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  • Caleb Burks


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    What kind of price is that? 0.o

    CSV importing is your best bet:

    First though, you will need to do some reformatting of the data most likely. There might be some existing tools to help with this sort of task, but will probably take a bit more manual work as well.

    Here is some more info on the csv column names:

    Caleb Burks


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Sorry, wrong link at the top. This is the one I meant:

    @icaleb Dude, thank you so much for the referral, and on the price I really also did not understand it, their software exports the price that way, is the software itself Kawasaki Brazil. But over there, from what I understand, there’s the price and some more numbers together, plus the price.

    But in the end, I’ll try the option you gave me and return here to say whether it worked or not


    @icaleb Do you think it feasible, or that the WooCommerce would withstand 45000 products? Would you have any idea what server configuration to “hold” these 45000 products?

    Caleb Burks


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Products are essentially a post, just with some more metadata. Can definitely have a successful WC shop with 45k, as you can well surpass that on WP. Products are also rather “static” for the most part on the frontend. So you can cache the pages and the data. Of course there are exceptions to every rule though.

    Performance is a pretty big overall thing to tackle, so it is a bit more than would be possible to go into here without all the details.

    Depending on the budget, might be good to bring on a WooExpert for project advising: Potential to save money and time in the long run by doing it right off the bat 🙂

    @icaleb I understand, I thank you once again.

    With regard to the experts, I do not have great difficulties with the WooCommerce, I manage very well with him, but as I follow little to the community, did not know of the experts. Still, I thank you.

    I will try to effect the import and other tests, we will see how everything will be.

    Return with results!

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