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  1. DrFoley
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, sorry but I'm having a bit of an emergency here:
    So I help run the main chapter of a club, and over the years we've gotten quite a few different branches all over the US... We've been doing a big push to unite all the branches under one server, and all is well and fine except I'm in charge of helping the other 80 or so branches move their website onto our server.

    I need to import their entire websites, and that's no problem: but when I do this, all of their images refer back to the original website... Is there anyway for them to export their entire wordpress site (images and all) from their old server and email to me so that I can in turn put it onto their new server?

    oh and of course the guy running the server only wants ME to have access to the ftp username/password on the new site.

    Any and all help is overly appreciated, thanks!

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