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    I have an old old blog that I am attempting to import my entries from – I updated it to WordPress, just like my new one. Since I made some boogies on my new blog, the post number start at 515. I was attempting to insert the old posts and comments from the old blog, but I get this error:

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1136 – Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1

    Does that mean I have to re-number my posts and comments anyways, even though there is currently no post existing with that number (and no comments anyhow?) Or is there something else I’m doing wrong?

    Also attempted re-numbering the first post to 982 (the next successive number), but got the same error.

    I also attempted just changing the number of posts you view in the RSS feed to 300 (since I’ve got 298 entries to move) and use the import-rss.php but it only showed the first ten entries. I don’t want to have to do it ten by ten…

    Also tried exporting the old journal to MT, and then importing that, but it didn’t seem to work properly – it brought over one entry and then got stuck and thought it was done.

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  • The error message means the number of columns in the two databases are not the same (= one of them has some additional column, maybe created by a plugin or soemthing else remaining from the old structure).
    I had a similar issue, please read my post about it, especially 14.

    OK, I’m following your very well written help – one quick question…

    Can I keep the numbers as they are (there are no posts in my new db with these same numbers), or must I renumber them?

    My (educated 🙂 guess is that you don’t have to renumber them in that case.

    HOORAY! it worked. Thankyouthankyou!

    Great! I am glad if my post helped…

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