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  • I’ve spent a couple of days reading the support forum and searching Google for an answer to my problem, but I’m having trouble finding a close match to my situation.

    I’m redesigning my portfolio blog (, and I want to test out my new design locally using MAMP. I’ve done this before with no problem using a single-site WordPress installation, but since I figured I’ll be working on other sites in the near future, I might as well do a multi-site install locally.

    The local site runs fine, except without my content. When I tried to import the backup of the mySQL database of my live site so I can see the local site with my content, I get “Error establishing dtabase connection” even though I made sure the table prefix in the wp-config.php file matched the prefix in my backup file.

    I’ve also tried to replace the local database (which has 17 tables) with my original mySQL database (which has 12 tables). That doesn’t work either. Like the person in this thread, the bug report page tells me I need the following tables, which are not in my backup file:


    If try to import my backup database into the multi-site wordpress installation, I get 29 tables and an error establishing a database connection.

    A similar quesiton was posted in this thread with other links that might help, but those solutions didn’t apply here. I’m just looking for a basic way to import the content from my live site to a local multi-site WordPress installation and would appreciate any help. I still haven’t gotten around to learning SQL and am having trouble figuring what I need to do.

    Thanks for your help!

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