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  • Okay, I’ve got another blog on Blogger with a dozen or so authors that I want to import over to WordPress.
    Would people here recommend just importing the posts over and then letting WordPress automatically create the new accounts? My only fear with that is – how do I work out what the new passwords would be?
    Or should I get people to create the accounts first – or create them for them – and then import the posts. Of course then I need to make sure I create the accounts with the exact same usernames etc. or the same problems as above apply.

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  • I’m sorry. I hate to do this, but…

    The best bet would be to create those authors before importing.
    Otherwise the password created, which is “password” will not work because it is not hashed before it is inserted into the database.

    So, when creating these accounts, do you create them with the same username ( as in their login-name ), their display name, or their first/last name?

    I want to make sure this is all set up right before I try it.

    Nobody knows?

    Can I please get some help here?

    this may not help, but i imported some posts from an old blogger blog and even though i had created an account for that ID already, the import process created one anyway. Of course that was just one author, i dont know how it would proceed with multiple authors. I imagine they will all have the same password. You’d need to change those.

    That said, of course, I really don’t know how it would proceed. can you set up a test blog and try it out first, somewhere else? have free accounts with mysql and php… sign up for one of those, maybe, and see how it goes…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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