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  • I’ve just imported an MT blog with 7 authors/users to WordPress ( WordPress imported all 7 authors successfully. The only problem with the import is that the authors are matched with the wrong posts.
    Before WordPress imported the entries (and I’ve tried three times now!) it took me to a page where I could choose which WordPress authors to associate with which MT authors. I can state without doubt that there was no mistake at this point.
    After the first attempt, I deleted the database tables, reinstalled WordPress, and then tried creating the users manually in wordpress rather than rely on WordPress to create the users itself during the import. No effect.
    I’m going to go try one more time and hope it works. If not, anyone else encountered this or have any suggestions?

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  • You could well be the first to come across this problem. If it persists, please let us know, and probably I could help out. This will also help find the possible problem with the importer.

    I’ve reimported twice more with the same result . . . .
    Thanks for offering to help out. Let me know if any further info would be helpful.

    It happens to me too. Someone please help.

    Interesting… I imported an MT blog with about 40 authors, and didn’t run into this problem. I only checked the most recent month’s worth of posts, but everything looked in order to me.
    What I haven’t been able to resolve is why no one but the site admin can log in at all… no one answered my question from yesterday.
    It’s not a huge deal… I can download a newer version of WP and reimport everything, no problem (given that I saw one post about a bug in wp-login that was fixed, that might not be the worst thing to do). But I’d really like to know one way or the other if it happens again.

    One more thing, All the user/author names are in Hindi. Would it have anything to do with mess up.

    Is there any one looking at this. Sorry for asking it a lot. If you need the file I am using to import it is at

    I thought I had worked around this bug by importing and naming each author with the name that appeared right before (or was it after) the correct name in the import interface.
    But now I am doing the import again and it’s even weirder! It get’s them all right for about 8-9 months of posts, and then it screws up the authors on the last month or so.
    Anything weird that I should be looking for? This is so frustrating. I may try to break up the import files as I am making a big mess having to delete all the authors and re-import over and over….

    I tried again by breaking the import file essentially one file per auther with his enteries. Still doesn’t work. Tell me if any one has luck.

    I wonder if the fact that many of your posts don’t have any author is a problem? Not only that but there’s no blank “AUTHOR:” line for those posts…

    BTW, I’m having the same problem. No idea what to do about this. I have approx 100 authors. The weird thing is that about half of them are matched up with their posts properly and the other half are not. Of the ones that are mismatched, they’re mismatched consistently. That is, all posts by author #1 will show up as being by author #2, and all posts by author #2 show up as being by author #6, etc.

    I broke my import.txt into smaller files and that’s working. Somehow it just could handles the whole thing at once, so I’m breaking into files that are about 200kb in size, and now that authors and posts aren’t mismatched.

    I checked my import.txt again and every entry does have AUTHOR tags.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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