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    Some time back, Livejournal stealthily added the ability to export comments, but I don’t think they ever included this functionality in their own export to xml tool.
    Someone else has, though.
    ljArchive recently made a big splash with some people, and I think its popularity will only increase. (I’m not connected with the designer in any way other than as a satisfied user.)
    The big problem I’ve discovered is that import-livejournal.php doesn’t recognize the comments. (The small problem is that even though ljArchive can export as one large xml file, I still have to export as monthlies or the import tool doesn’t know what to do with it.)
    How do I, who know basically nothing about PHP, hack the import file so that it will recognize, and properly import, my lj comments?
    Is it possible that I’m missing a plug in that would do what I want?
    I hope I’ve explained things properly and that someone can help. I never thought I’d get the comments from livejournal onto my computer, and now that I have, I’d really like to be able to do something with them.

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    hmmm… maybe you could manually convert the lj export to MT export format and use import-mt.php instead? It’s not the most elegant of solutions but it’ll import the comments and doesn’t require you to mess with the PHP.



    I’ve got over a thousand entries, and that looks like a lot of work. I’m almost certain to mess something up, and the exported comments are actually threaded, which is something I’d like to keep.
    Although, I realize that I’ll need a plugin for them to actually show up threaded.
    It’ll wind up being a lot of work no matter how I do it, so I’ll keep this in mind and hope others have something to say that might reduce the amount of work some.



    Nobody else? Darn.
    Glancing over the import files, I know it can be done. Hrm…


    The hackers list is probably the best place to ask. Not that many plugin authors frequent the forums.



    Nevermind. Taking a very close look at it, it looks like ljArchive’s XML exporter doesn’t identify the comments well enough to really be able to properly import them.
    Willing to be wrong on that, but as it stands, not willing to mess with it or hound anyone else to mess with it. My entrance into the world of real blogs will just continue to be slow.

    Has anybody succeeded in importing LJ comments into WordPress? I’m going to try it myself and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel.

    Hey guys, I wrote my own changes into the import-livejournal.php script supplied with WordPress v1.2.2
    This script now imports both entries AND comments from LJ!!!
    My changed script is available at this location …

    Also, you will need to first export all your livejournal entries and comments using LJArchive. Then create the XML file and put it in the wp-admin folder, together with the new php file you get from my website.

    – Vinit

    Some time back, Livejournal stealthily added the ability to export comments, but I don’t think they ever included this functionality in their own export to xml tool.
    I’m actually interested in this as I must have missed that news/feature_accounce post :(.
    Can you provide more details? I’m going to start toying with everything listed in this post…

    I tried the utility listed above, but I ONLY want the comments brought over. I post in WP and have a plugin that updates LJ at the same time. I’d like to keep them in sync by bringing the LJ comments into WP, but I haven’t figured out how yet 😐

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