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  • Hi all-

    I am currently in the process of copying a 200+ post, 1000+ image blog from blogger beta. The importer for the posts/categories worked perfectly, but changing over the images is killing me. The Blogger Image Importer plugin only works with old blogger, and the procedure outlined at isn’t working quite right. The advice there is to use the following command to automatically copy over all the images hosted on blogger:

    wget -e robots=off -E -H -p, –random-wait -r -l inf

    With as the servers on blogger that house my images (meaning that in this command i would use the bp0,bp1,bp2,photos1, and photos2 servers, because some of my images are on each), and my blog’s address in place of myblogspotblog.

    I have shell access on my wordpress server, so I can execute this command, but the command has the server download every file and go through the entire site, which invariably leads to the process going for hours and timing out/getting killed. Is there any way to just have it download the images over to the server? Thanks so much.

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  • Make account. Select the new Blogger in thier import form. It will import. Export using wordpress extended format and import that into wordpress.

    That works fine for the posts and categories, but the images still load off bloggers servers. After a few loads, the image servers start blocking external requests. Thus, I need to copy all images from my blog to my own server, and change the src tags to point to my own server. Wget (the way WebbleYou recommends) should be able to do the former, but it’s taking too long and not grabbing all the images.

    Nevermind- I just had to be *extremely* patient. Wget works. Going from blogger beta to wordpress is pretty brutal, though, and requires at least a passing knowledge of getting down and dirty with mysql.

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