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    I have finally moved to WordPress and am trying out ecto. I found agitprop and was able to convert my 350+ iBlog entries but do not see how to import the data into ecto. I have chosen Bluehost. How do I move the converted text files into ecto? Do I have to upload the text file to my web server first? If so, where in the file structure?

    thank you in advance –

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  • Is Bluehost your server? You need to follow this:

    This worked for me when I did the same (iBlog to WordPress). What you’ll need to do after the import is some heavy tag clean up though. iBlog makes a mess of things!

    Once you get the imported posts cleaned up in WP, you can download them into ecto using its ‘refresh’ interface.



    I tried to follow the script on what was an 8.1 meg iblog archive, but when the time came to run the import-mt.php script, it ran for a few moments, said “all done!” and told me to enjoy.

    But the archives weren’t anywhere on my site. I tried upping my script memory to 100mb on my server (couldn’t figure out how to “restart apache” though), ran the script again and was told, “Already imported!” or words to that effect. Any ideas on what happens next? The text file sits there uselessly on the server at Bluehost…



    lexl – sorry for crossposting

    Same problem here — except mine are sitting on my MAMP server on my MacBook.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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