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  • I’ve several hundred photos, some of which I’d like to show on my site. What I’d like to do is upload them all to my server, via FTP, and then have WordPress somehow recognize them and make them available in the “Gallery” or “Media Library”. I don’t want to upload them one at a time using the normal uploader, as that would take several days.

    Is there a way to accomplish what I want?

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  • Follow up question: in what database table does the image info live? I just uploaded the first photo to a new site, using the traditional image uploader, and I can now see this one image in the “Media Library”. But when I go in through phpMyAdmin to look for the image info, I can’t find it in any of the tables.

    If you want to add a huge number of photos to a gallery you may want to look at one of the image gallery plugins that exist. Most have some ability to detect and display them for you automatically. My AWSOM Pixgallery plugin does this and I’m sure NextGen has the ability to do it also. The added bonus is you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of where to put the files. I don’t believe the built in gallery in WordPress can do this though, you’ll need to add them using the media uploader function.

    I use ZEN photo.

    I have all my photos stored by year on my NAS (synology CS407) at home. I have written an extremely simple script that constantly synchronizes between my NAS and my site via ftp. (in that way sychronizing photos happens automatically, unattended and I only need to put new photos in the correct dir and never ever even have to think any more of “putting” them somewhere). The script automatically checks for changes so if I edit a photo from a laptop it automatically updates it on the server on the next run.

    For Zen photo some wp plugins exist to let the photos be embedded in your post. An additional bonus is that zen photo is (ofcourse) also a seperate appliation to log into and only see images.

    Additional bonus is that at home the \photo folder on the cs407 can also be used to edit photos from various laptops e.g. with picasa or from another laptop with xara and can be used to e.g. stream the photos to kiss player or xbox to the tv etc…

    things are often resolved by just putting an extra layer of software/hardware in between.

    Here is the script I currently use (a command call to lsftp):

    And here is an architectural overview:

    The architectural overview doesn’t include the plugins for ZEN to include the photos in a weblog postings, but thats obvious.

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