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  • I’m ready to try something new with WordPress and use the Link Manager to see if it can handle my external links references. I have hundreds upon hundreds of categorized links that I want to EASILY add to Link Manager.

    I’ve read about importing bookmarks and favorites using xbel but my stuff isn’t in a bookmark list. It’s HTML.

    Any ideas on how to convert this to something importable, or how to get these links into Link Manager with the least stress?

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  • I think that depends on how your html file is organized. FF exports its favourites as a html file if I’m correct, so it being a html file shouldn’t be the same as unmanagable. If it’s a bit organized I think it won’t be that hard to write a little php script to transfer it to the database through that script.

    The links are “organized”, and in HTML, so the script you are talking about is the xbel thing? Or write an import script to get it into the database, stripping the HTML?

    Is there an import script already for Link Manager that isn’t the xbel thing? Like the import-mt.php?

    I was thinking of a custom made script. It wouldn’t be that hard. (see eg

    Unfortunately I don’t know of ready made scripts.

    Lorelle, I’ve already written an import script for the Links Manager:

    If you can get me a copy of your html file, it shouldn’t be hard to auto-extract the links to a format the script imports, or to customize the script to it.

    I looked at the php script and it looks very easy to do. I can put the list in such a text file fairly easily.

    The issue is that I have a couple thousand links, and probably at least 800 or so in the links list that I’d like to use Link Manager with. That’s a huge number and I’m wondering if Link Manager is the ideal tool for such a thing. The more I look at it the more I think it is best served by blogrolls and shorter lists.

    What do you think? Will Link Manager handle that many or more? You can find my link resources here. Right now, they are in posts in a category. I might just use Link Manager for my link exchanges rather than full link resources.

    Definitely a lot for Links Manager to handle, though only in the sense that it was originally designed to be used with template tags displaying links on the sidebar. But if you went the way of say a links Page, I don’t see why it would be a problem.

    With link categories, that might provide some ability to use it for both, and then manage which links display where. But in the end you’ll have to decide what’s easiest for you to maintain.

    Let’s look at this for a minute. What’s the real benefit of using Link Manager for handling a LOT of links?

    The only benefit for me would be making it EASY to create a test page of links for checking them all out for dead links. Other than that…what benefit is it really? Honest question.

    I have to start checking for bad links soon, I do it every six months, and I haven’t done this with WordPress yet. It’s a HUGE task for my site with so many external link references and resources. I wish there was an easier way to do this in WordPress.

    “I have to start checking for bad links soon”

    I believe there are websites (or programs?) that do that for you automatically (give in your website and they spider for dead links).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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