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  • I’ve decided to move my blog from to a hosted service. So I’m trying the Import feature in 2.0.2 admin, however is not listed as an importable item. Any ideas on how to make that one work????

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  • Might poke around the .com forums ( and see if anything new is out from them related to backing up data…

    I think the only option to get data off of though is to go with the RSS importer.

    Yeah, I saw that mentioned. I’ve been trying the RSS feed option, but for some reason I can’t get more than 10 posts on my feed, even though my options are set for 66 (the total # of posts on my blog).

    I had a similar issue once importing from a different blog (not wp). I ended up viewing the feed (in all of its glory) in a webbrowser and saving that as an .xml file.

    Then I’d import that file as rss (think I had to copy it to the server, but maybe not?). It would usually crap out after 10 or so, so I’d look at what did get imported, then edit my xml file to remove those imported entries and start again.

    Tedious, but it worked.

    Boy, based on your description, manually recreating every post in the new location is looking more attractive all the time! ha ha ha

    Does let you use MyphpAdmin?

    no, doesn’t let you use any db tools.

    Arm0110 – yeah, it was a tossup on if cut and paste would’ve been quicker…

    No, no access to that kind of stuff.

    Update and thanks: I did finally manage to get a full RSS feed from the site. I had to switch themes in order for it to work (used Simpla temporarily). The RSS import into the new site worked great. I did have to manually recreate the comments in the new location, but it wasn’t too bad. At least there were only a few!

    Thanks for the tips.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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