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    Hi all,

    I am currently a squarespace user but would like to move over to wordpress. I have set up a test copy at and got it set up and running without any problems.

    I have exported the contents of one of my pages on squarespace in what squarespace calls an MT compatible format. I then imported this into wordpress using the MT import tool in the admin section.

    All appeared to go well. The import finished. Now the fun begins.

    The posts are all imported in DRAFT format. I had hoped that I could do some sort of select all and publish them on mass but there is no option for that. I then thought I’d be clever and use a SQL command to change the DB table setting from DRAFT to Published, I used the following command

    update wp_posts set post_status = ‘publish’ where post_status = ‘draft’

    This did indeed publish all the posts, but there were more problems. Although each post showed it’s proper category name. This name did not appear in the category list unless I edited the post and saved it again. The same goes for the comments. The post shows that there are comment but when you click on the post, they do not appear, unless I edit the post and save it again.

    All this means that I’ll need to spend hours editied all my posts in order to bring them all across, not a fun prospect.

    So, can anyone suggest an easier way to acomplish this?

    Thanks in advance for any help, it will all be gratefully received.

    I have reset my wordpress install so it is now clean.

    Best regards,


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  • If I’m reading the wp-admin/import/mt.php script correctly, the ‘draft’ or ‘publish’ status is NOT set by the import program but seems it must be in your MT exported data.

    Maybe take a look at that script file to see if you can learn something else–I’m saying that because you displayed expertise by knowing SQL statements…

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve looked through both and export file and the mt.php script and there is no mention of ‘Draft’ or ‘Publish’ anywhere. I’m wondering if the output file from squarespace is not quite as MT Compatible as it claims. Do you know where I might find a sample export file from MT to compare the sturcture?

    I’ve tried another SQL workaround, but my provider only has MySQL 4.0.2 and that doesn’t support sub queries.

    I wouldn’t say that I have any real ‘expertise’ with SQL. My SQL skills are rustier than the Titanic, but I can piece together code with alot or errors and banging of heads in between until I get something that works.



    I’ve tracked down the source of the problem. The export file from Squarespace does not include the STATUS field. The mt.php file handles the problem if you have this field but it is blank. It cannot however handle it if the field is not there at all.

    I editied the export file and added the STATUS field to some of my posts and then cut/pasted them into a fresh file and imported it. All entries appeared as published as did the categories and comments. A thing of beauty and a joy forever.

    I’ve posted a ticket on Squarespace asking them to look into this.

    I got a reply from Squarespace saying “ah, good point” They say they are going to fix this problem. When, is another question.

    FYI, the code change was rolled live a few hours after you pointed this out. Hope it works for you — good luck!

    Hi Anthony,

    It works just fine, although I would have prefered that the default setting was STATUS = Publish, however the quick use of a text editor and the find/replace function sorted that out.

    Please see this post as you might find it interesting with regards to Squarespace

    Take care,


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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