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  • Two blogs with one host that was not planning on updating their services to accommodate the needs of some of wordpress’s new plugins etc. so I am switching to a new host.

    I backed up (several times for safety) via mysql admin.
    Set up current wordpress on the new server and have tried to import with the sql via mysql import feature and via wordpress with an xml.

    I get a confirmation that it has been imported but not the results. No posts, categories, comments.

    I have been wrestling with it for a couple of days now, talked to support provided by the host and now am doing what I’m sure I should have done in the first place, posting here.

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  • When I import via MySQL I receive the following: Your SQL-query has been executed successfully :
    The content of your file has been inserted. (668 Instructions)

    No posts appear though.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Might try reading the documentation first, see if that gives you any insights:

    Thanks for that. I had read it but I think I’m not grasping parts. One thing I noted on my re read is that its says to check “Add drop table”. I had not done that.

    I’ve done a back up with that item checked now but I’m unsure of a further step.

    If You Don’t Care If Your Old Blog Works

    1. Download a copy of the main wordpress files from your OLD blog to your hard drive and edit wp-config.php to suit the new server.

    I’ve done this.

    2. Go back to your OLD blog and go to options and change the url (both of them) to that of your new site.

    I don’t think this changes in my case but correct me. The server is new I just had the domain dns pointed to my new host.

    3. Again, download your database (but keep the old one just in case), upload this new database and the copy of the wordpress core files with the edited wp-config.php to your new server. Thats it!

    I’m unclear here as to why I’m asked to download the database again. I suspect that when it says “Again” the author means “As I wrote earlier” as opposed to do it again, but I want to be sure I’m not missing something.

    The “upload this new database” seems vague to me which usually means it’s obvious to others, so I would like clarification. It’s referring to importing the old servers sql download into the new one?

    If so, should I make sure there are no tables in the new database with the same name as the old or will it rewrite over them?

    Thanks, I appreciate your input. I was getting a little discouraged.


    I dropped all existing tables (from past installation attempts) and imported the newly created sql file and still nothing. I must be missing something in the steps I outlined above.

    I should add that when I do the import I get the following: “Your SQL-query has been executed successfully :
    The content of your file has been inserted. (404 Instructions”


    I hate to be a pest but I really need some help. I’m willing to pay.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I really am not sure what your problem is, so I’m uncertain on how to help you. Migrating to a new server is simply not that difficult. You exported the old database, you imported it into the new one. You can see the tables and the contents of those tables on the new server. You checked that the wp-config.php is correct.

    If you did all those, then basically, your blog is working and on the new server. What, exactly, is the problem here?

    Hi Otto,

    I don’t know what to tell you. I did (and redid) everything you’ve outlined. It’s just that the posts aren’t there when the blog is pulled up.

    I’ve hired someone to have a look and will let you know what form of dementia I contracted.


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