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  • Okay so I’ve gotten to this part of the instructions:

    Editing import-mt.php

    1. Open the file “import-mt.php” in your favourite text editor. You will find it in the directory “wp-admin/import/” in your WordPress installation . For this, you have to download it first.

    2. On line number 2 of import-mt.php, find define(‘MTEXPORT’, ); and change that to define(‘MTEXPORT’, ‘import.txt’);

    3. Save import-mt.php and upload it to the “wp-admin” directory on your server, overwriting the existing “import-mt.php”.

    4. Upload the “import.txt” file you had saved earlier after the export to the “wp-admin” directory on your server.

    I have absolutely no idea what any of this means. The only thing that I get when I go to Import is this:


    If you have posts or comments in another system WordPress can import them into your current blog. To get started, choose a system to import from below:
    Movable Type Import posts and comments from your Movable Type blog
    Blogger Import posts and comments from a Blogger account
    Textpattern Import posts from a Textpattern Blog
    RSS Import posts from an RSS feed
    Dotclear Import posts from a Dotclear Blog
    LiveJournal Import posts from LiveJournal

    Please help, I am so confused!! WHERE do I find “import-mt.php”?????

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  • The instructions you have at top are for pre-2.0 versions of WordPress. For 2.0.x just go under Import, select MovableType, then ‘upload’ and import your “import.txt” file.

    This is the reply that I received from Word Press when I tried to import my “import.txt” file:

    Unable to create directory /home/iprettym/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2006/03. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    Could someone explain what that means? I feel like such a goob here…

    It means that the write permissions on wp-content do not allow the directory|ies to be created for the upload. In WP 2.0, uploads can be organized under a year/month/ subdirectory arrangement. Things to try:


    2. Under Options > Miscellaneous, uncheck ‘Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.’

    If these don’t work, there is an “ftp up the file and edit mt.php” option, but I’d rather avoid it unless you can’t get uploading to work here.

    Okay I’ve got everything imported correctly. My next (stupid) question is this: why when I tried a test post did it not show up on my blog?


    One thing to look at is the issue of date(s). When I visit your blog I see this date on the welcome post: December 31, 1969.

    oh I’m sorry, I’m not working on that blog. It’s this one:

    Here’s what I can’t figure out: the blog looks exactly the same, but I can’t post to it. Is there something that I need to do to disable movable type or something?

    Has anyone had a similar issue here? I’ve imported the posts and comments from MT but now I want the blog to RUN on WordPress, not MT.

    Please help!

    Is there anyone out there with a similar issue?

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