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  • I’ve successfully imported a Radio Userland blog into WordPress using a Radio add-on that writes out the data to a text file in Movable Type format, then using import-mt.php to bring it into WordPress.

    I need to do this again for another blog, and need to massage the text file data first.

    Question: If I changed the length of a post in the text file, will it still import ok? Or is there a counter that tells how many bytes are in each post that needs to be updated too?

    The gory details: Radio allows uploads of images. You can link to an image in a post. Unfortunately, Radio uses absolute paths for these images, so if you import that into WordPress, the image link will be broken. The particular blog has maybe 4,000 such images and I do not want to edit them manually.

    Example: A Radio image might be linked to as

    I want to change to the correct path, which would be

    I think doing this in the text file before import would be the easiest way as long as it doesn’t break something. Anyone have ideas on this?

    Update: Hmm, just re-read my message and I think see a better answer. Copy the entire ./images folder and subfolders from Radio to the new server. Then the images will be pathed correctly when imported. But still, I’d like to know if changing the text file could clobber the import.

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  • Answer: Yes. The import of the various fields is managed only through the format of the file (i.e. delimiting elements such as header prefixes and the “end of content” dash lines). There are no byte-length markers flagging the various fields, so you can certainly edit them.

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