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  • My fellows and I have a podcast on libsyn and while we will continue to host the casts there we are migrating the “blog” portion to our domain and server ( Currrenty our domain redirects to our libsyn “blog”.

    I saved the rss feed as an xml file and imported it into WordPress fine for the most part. It was easy save for a/the clients-ixr.php bug that I forget about all. Is that a know bug and there is a patch? I just change the case myself and it works fine.

    Now, I would like for it to import the LINKS that are in the file for the podccasts. there is an “enclosure” tag

    <enclosure url="" length="51226779" type="audio/mpeg" />

    but WordPress seems to ignore it. Do I need to put it in by hand? It's not an issue as there aren't many yet but I'd like to know for future reference.

    Also, same goes for Comments. If I save the Comment feed as XML and import it will they match up?

    libsyn is great for the media part of the hosting and while there blog is good it does have a few downsides which is why we're moving to WordPress on our domain.

    Code one of you plugin writers make a libsyn import function for WP? I think it would be great.


    Hugh Bris

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  • I’d just like to second the call for better support from WordPress for LibSyn users… there seems to be a wave of people coming over, myself included, who aren’t expert code writers and could use some assistance.

    I’ve had the same trouble with WP ignoring the LibSyn enclosure tag… what could be going on there?

    Yeah and it would be wonderous to be able to import the Libsyn stats into the Admin…

    I’m trying to do something similar, move a podcast at blogger to wordpress. Has anyone managed to do this, without having to manually attach each mp3 file enclosure to the new blog?

    I tried the blogger import tool at but it failed to import the enclosures or targeted mp3 files.

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