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  • My understanding is that e107 does not have a very good export feature in order to import into WP. I am hopeful that someone might be able to help me out nonetheless.

    I saw something about using Blgger API, but I was lost in what to do.

    Because of a horrendous hosting situation, I am in the process of moving my domain to a new host. I figure this is as good of a time to switch platforms. I am not particularly well versed in MYSQL, but can probably export the news posts from e107. The thing is, I suspect the format of the table for WP is different. I have a feeling I am going to need to do this manually and I would love to avoid that.

    Any help you can offer is very much appreciated.


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  • Does e107 have the ability to export to another platform such as Movable Type? That would be the logical thing to do first, then use the available options in WP to import from the Movable Type dump.

    Not that I am aware of. I have been researching this this evening. If I could create an XML file like this one would I be able to import this into WP?

    I don’t know, personally. I know that I’ve seen XML stuff like that, but don’t know specifics on what it is or what it does, or if it’s “importable”.

    The other possibility is an RSS feed import – which will get you posts, but can’t be used for comments.

    Have you tried CELERY?

    No, other than the vegetable, I don’t know what it is.

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