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  • Hi…I am new and didnt see this posted

    I am a blogger person. I recently converted to blogger beta to try out their ‘labels’…found out that doesnt work right and now am here

    I have succesfully installed WP onto a new domain and tried the import feature. but it wont log into my blogger account

    I suspect it has to do with bloggerbeta which now uses gmail account as login and you login at a dif address

    am I SOL or will the import feature work with the new blogger?

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    No. Blogger has drastically changed things around with the new beta version, and a new import filter is going to have to be created to make it work properly.

    Fortunately, Google has grafted their Google Data API onto blogger, so it’s really not going to be all that difficult to create a new importer. I took a look at the new blogger stuff earlier today, and it appears that they have given you the ability to pull the entire blog out as an ATOM 1.0 feed. So importing from that should be a snap.

    But somebody will still have to do the legwork and write a new WordPress importer. 🙂

    you mean i can manually do it with the feed now?

    or I have to wait for some genius to whip up a new importer?

    if not, will any of the old manual ways that people used to have to go through work?


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    or I have to wait for some genius to whip up a new importer?

    Yeah, that one.

    if not, will any of the old manual ways that people used to have to go through work?

    The only “manual” way I know of is to do copy/paste of the blog entries from the old to the new. And that will always work, of course.

    thanks…already tried the ‘copy paste’ thing….it kinda works but many things dont past like line breaks.

    RE: some genius
    do you know of any geniuses working on this…yourself perhaps? If such a cool solution were to be available within a week I would probably put off the manual solution.

    thanks for your replies Otto

    I found a workaround that should work for some while the new import function is being built and tested.

    Blogger Beta includes rss as well as atom. Enable your site feed, then get the feed address and add ?alt=rss to the end of the URL.

    Pull up the resulting URL in your web browser, save as a file on your hard drive. File name should default to full.xml.

    In your WordPress admin panel, use the RSS import option. Browse to the xml file you saved.

    Worked for me, although I have a photoblog, so not all of the photo links are very smooth.

    If you are having trouble with your photos from Blogger after your import you can try my photo import plugin. Leave a comment if you have any trouble with it. The only issue I know of right now is that it will only import jpg files and not png, but that should be easy to fix once I get around to it.

    I have a couple of “post blogger import” plugins.

    Thanks photocopy.

    I tried this and it only transferred a few of my posts. Any way to get it to transfer the entire blog?

    I tried to use Photopoppy’s way of importing using rss but I got this error message: Unable to create directory /var/www/vhosts/ Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    Can you help me?

    and I quote Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    Well, is it? If wp-content/uploads/2006/09 doesn’t exist, start by making wp-content/uploads writable to your web server’s user proces (via chmod)

    i’m facing the same problem as gimpsworld.

    seems that blogger in beta’s atom/rss feeds only list the first 25 posts (and none of the comments). i tried resetting all the blogger dashboard feed preferences to full and all posts, but no dice…

    having set up wordpress on a new domain I am now really regretting ‘upgrading’ to blogger in beta. I’d advise anyone to steer clear of it.

    you have to create the folder “upload” in wp-content and chmod permissions to 777.

    OK, I figured out how to get from Blogger Beta to WP2.x via WP1.5.x and Skeltoac’s old export script. It’s possibly the most fantastically kludgy thing I’ve ever done, but it worked. The directions are at:

    Photocopy’s method did not work for me. I imported all of my posts’ titles as drafts. I suppose that is slightly less copy+pasting to do… Thanks anyway, friend.

    I am transfering my blog from Blogger Beta as well and had the same problem as gimpsworld – the rss feed only includes the latest 25 posts from blogger. There’s a way to get around that – simply add this to the blog address:


    In this case the number 1000 is some arbitrarily large number that will cover your entire blog history. Also, using full instead of default makes sure the blog includes the full text, not a synopsis, even if you haven’t got that set in your preferences. It still doesn’t handle comments though.

    Good luck.

    My blog is still in Blogger’s Classic form, altho I am technically upgraded to Beta – because I publish via FTP.

    I already have a WP install going (and could just kick myself for moving to Beta) … so there must be some way to move files into the WP database … any ideas? I have about three years worth of blog to move.

    p.s. I think you’re going to see a lot of Beta refugees around here!


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