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  • Hi! I was wondering, for some of the people here; whoever has switched from the blogging tool of Pmachine TO WordPress know how to import entries over to wordpress FROM pmachine? I’m not quite sure how Pmachine works as in “importing entries” OVER to wordpress. If anyone knows how to import their weblog entires from “Pmachine” “over to” “WordPress” please let me know. If anyone tried that, please let me know asap.

    Thanks to all of you, in advance ;).

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  • I second that request. I sure wish one of you wonderfully intelligent hackers would write up a port script so I could get pMachine completely off my site. 🙂

    Anyone up to the challenge?

    I am looking for a script to import Pmachine 2.3 to the latest WordPress 1.5

    I am in need of this as well. I have over two years of entries on pMachine that I would like to import into WP1.5.

    Same here. I have multiple blogs as well. Help!?

    I’ll take a looksie and see what I can do. I’m a bit of a php hacker so I might be able to knock something up and I have my own Pmachine blog to get moved at some point in the near future.

    Can’t promise anything tho…

    I found a way to import all of the old entries, but it doesn’t bring the comments (which for me wasn’t neccessary).

    All you have to do is setup an RSS feed in the Pmachine RSS factory to export all of your entries. Unfortunatly it has a 2 digit limit so if you have more than 99 posts you have to go into the MySQL table manually (called rss_factory if my memory serves me right) and manually change the number to more than the number of posts you had in your old site (5000 did the job for me). Then create a new dummy entry and the RSS will be generated. Save the RSS to your computer.

    Once you’ve done that just use the import RSS feature in wordpress and the rest is easy peasy. I had a bit of a problem with it timing out due to sandboxing on my hosts server, but if that happens just remove any entries in the RSS file that have already been imported and start again.

    One last thing… the importer puts all of the entries into your ‘default’ category so you might have to manually update the categories on each post.

    Can you really?

    I visually examine the RSS feed generated by pMachine 2.3. It only has a description tag but no more tag?

    How would the content under “More” be imported?

    It also seems not to work when pMachine source contain text that is in Chinese BIG-5 + ANSI encoding.

    And I just tried and confirmed the text under MORE are not imported.

    Anyone know what code in pMachine to change to get index.xml will contain text under more.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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