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    Hello all. I’m trying to import an existing wp database to my new host. In the middle of trying to solve this, I installed the WP-e commerce plugin to the blog to experiment with it and I think it’s mucked up my database file. I know it’s in the database file because after exporting, it has lines like wp_also_bought_product in it.

    Anyway, each time I’ve tried to import the saved database (which has my old posts plus the WP commerce pages & etc) only the wp-e-commerce pages and things show up when I view my site. If anyone can help me get my old posts back on my domain, I’d be so so so grateful. I don’t care about having the wp-e commerce plugin, it’s not necessary for this site. I know my old posts are in there somewhere, I can read them all… they’re just not showing up.

    Any help is much appreciated! If it matters I installed wp through fantastico on my host.

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  • Here are the current tables that were uploaded to the database:

    # wp_also_bought_product
    # Browse wp_bbcloaked_links
    # Browse wp_bbcomments
    # Browse wp_bblinks
    # Browse wp_bboptions
    # Browse wp_bbpostmeta
    # Browse wp_bbposts
    # Browse wp_bbratings
    # Browse wp_bbterms
    # Browse wp_bbterm_relationships
    # Browse wp_bbterm_taxonomy
    # Browse wp_bbusermeta
    # Browse wp_bbusers
    # Browse wp_cart_contents
    # Browse wp_cart_item_extras
    # Browse wp_cart_item_variations
    # Browse wp_collect_data_forms
    # Browse wp_comments
    # Browse wp_currency_list
    # Browse wp_download_status
    # Browse wp_item_category_associations
    # Browse wp_links
    # Browse wp_options
    # Browse wp_postmeta
    # Browse wp_posts
    # Browse wp_product_categories
    # Browse wp_product_files
    # Browse wp_product_images
    # Browse wp_product_list
    # Browse wp_product_order
    # Browse wp_product_rating
    # Browse wp_product_variations
    # Browse wp_purchase_logs
    # Browse wp_purchase_statuses
    # Browse wp_region_tax
    # Browse wp_submited_form_data
    # Browse wp_terms
    # Browse wp_term_relationships
    # Browse wp_term_taxonomy
    # Browse wp_usermeta
    # Browse wp_users
    # Browse wp_variation_associations
    # Browse wp_variation_priceandstock
    # Browse wp_variation_values
    # Browse wp_variation_values_associations
    # Browse wp_wpsc_categorisation_groups
    # Browse wp_wpsc_coupon_codes
    # Browse wp_wpsc_logged_subscriptions
    # Browse wp_wpsc_productmeta
    # Browse wp_wpsc_variation_combinations

    I wonder if I deleted all of the wp-e-commerce tables, would it fix things??




    where did you get the initial export from? phpmyadmin? a backup plugin? what? the wordpress export feature? where????

    im not even going to touch this thread. youre a disaster waiting to happen and im not feeling up to talking folks down from the ledge.

    So I tried deleting all the tables except the ones starting with wp_bb (I believe that’s the prefix I used in the first install on my old host) and nope, didn’t work…

    Yes phpmyadmin.
    Did I really mess things up that badly?
    If possible I could send or upload my import to someone…

    I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on my posts and it’s killing me to not have access to it… If someone could help me out I’d offer them free advertising on my site. Something. I’m desperate.

    You really just need the wp-options and wp-posts tables if you just want your content.

    But good luck, I’ve been trying to do the same thing because I’ve been slammed with the dreaded WSOD (White Screen of Death) on my old server and every time I triy to import any of my tables, I either get a 1062 error or a “server interrupted” message.





    You really just need the wp-options and wp-posts tables if you just want your content.

    thats NOT true. In fact, thats not even close.

    jennojenno: I would say, start over on the new install and use the WP export/import function. You’ll find them in the admin / tools menu.
    Then just go thru your plugins and settings to make sure things mirror the old site the way you want.

    Hopefully you are working on the new site before updating your DNS so that the old host is still serving the (live) site.

    whooami, thanks for… nothing, really 😀

    xpatsy gave me a good idea. I scrapped the current site, uploaded wp manually, changed the prefix in the config file (cuz originally my tables had a prefix of wp_bb), then installed wp.

    After that I searched for the parts in the .sql file that were the most important: posts and options and comments. I started with options and uploaded that via phpmyadmin and yay, all my options are there! Then I did the rest and now I can see all my posts, but stripped to the bone (I’m assuming I can add categories and tags in the same fashion).

    Would that have been so hard to explain? Nah… Thankfully I figured it out. Now if only I had my images too…

    Glad to see you managed to re-coup a bit Jenno – It’s all a learning game for me @ the moment too (usually the case) and every idea spark helps.

    Also, Whooami is a jackass and I think you will appreciate my verbal pWn’ing of him in my thread which he [unfortunately] chose to make an utterly useless appearance in:


    Edit: a MS. Jackass.

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