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  • Hello, and first of all I must thanks you guys for reading this.

    I have 2 wordpress blog. I wanted to clean up one of them off everything but I accidentally deleted all stuff in the wrong webspace. Knowing the database wouldn’t be altered, I made a back up copy.

    Then I installed the latest version of wordpress and install it. I went straight to the admin panel and imported the database, all according to the intructions given in the support forum, and I’ve got no errors whatsoever. I checked that all the previous post are all recovered. (I don’t mind about the theme as I can work on that later)

    however, when I took a look at the website, at the front page, there was nothing. The front page is not showing anyhting at all. Just blank. It didn’t say the address not found or the page you’re looking isn’t here. Nothing of that sort.

    The only reason I could suspect is the difference between the version of wordpress that I used before.

    Any ideas? my site is at

    many thanks

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  • I went straight to the admin panel and imported the database

    Went to what admin panel? If that was your hosting control panel and you imported the MySQL then you should things a bit differently.

    Since you already uploaded the 2.7 files, I would
    1. DROP the database tables in phpMyAdmin
    2 In phpMyAdmin, Import your MySQL backup again
    3. Visit

    Thanks for replying.

    And sorry about incomplete details. After I install the new version of wordpress, I went to phpMyAdmin and imported my backup database.

    Then I went to wordpress admin dashboard. From there I checked that all the previous posts are now restored.

    but when I open my homepage, there was nothing, only blank white page.

    Anyhow, Im going to try the way u suggested and provide some feedback. Thanks

    Update : I logged in through and got into dashboard.

    Then I did

    The next page showed :

    No Upgrade Required

    Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!

    Does it lead somewhere?

    Update : I guessed it was a problem related to the theme, so I went to Dashboard and then appearance, and change the theme from default to classic.

    Then I open my homepage and suprisingly it works!

    To make sure it works to visitors aswell, I then logged out and open my homepage again and yup, it works.

    I then change my theme again to default and confirmed that it works too.

    I guess it needs some sort of ‘theme refresh’? 🙂

    Thanks anyway for replying.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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