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  • So I’ve switched hosting to a new server. I have 3 wordpress blogs on my old server that I wanted to move.

    I setup my blogs on my new server, configured them to new databases and went into PhpMyAdmin to import the data from my old databases.

    Everything seems to import fine but when I look at, for example, the wp_posts of the database, all my old posts are there but they’re still linking back to my old server.

    Which step am I missing?

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  • Which step am I missing?

    You’re missing editing the db dump to change the url’s. See the videos in the following post…I think the editing info starts in the second video.

    How to Move WordPress to a Different Server and Web Address


    YOU need to edit all the data from the wo_posts tables…and replace the details of new can do it with simple database query..please refer this URL for details..

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    Figaro, thanks for the video link. I was able to edit the DB dump and change all the urls.

    My new problem is when I import the DB on my new server, WordPress decides it wants to do a fresh install and overwrites the data I just imported. So I end up with the default Welcome to WordPress posts and not the old posts I was trying to transfer.

    This thing is fighting me at every turn.


    Well, my new problem just got more interesting. In addition to the problem I described above, where WordPress spontaneously initiates a fresh install after I import old data into a new database, now, having successfully imported data into a database and having a properly setup config file, the old posts are still not displaying.

    Any ideas?

    Is a new set of tables being created in the database? If so, then you probably just have the wrong table prefix in your config.php file. Look at what prefix is on the tables you import, then open the wp-config.php file and make sure that prefix is there.

    Thank you Figaro, I will check it out.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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