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  1. kparlin
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I know there are ways to import posts from other blog formats, but I'm trying to import 500+ excel records into individual posts.

    Basically my client's old site database was saved as a CSV file and I'd like to find a way to import the records as individual posts rather than inputting them by hand.

    If it helps, the types of records are movie poster listings where the movie title will be the post title, the post opens with an image of the poster, and then there are a couple lines of text like this under the photo:

    Year: 1920
    Price: $5,000
    Size: 27x41
    Condition: Very Fine, Linen Backed - Style A

  2. Chris_K
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I'd suggest writing a little script that will process your .csv into an xml file and feed it into WP with the rss import thingy. Adds a step to the process, but is much more likely to work.

    A "bare bones" rss2 format is pretty easy to mock up and you could probably even do with a bit of excel vba/vbscript.

  3. lonnypaul
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I have assisted several clients in the use of Excel for importing a large number of posts which are formulatically generated from columns of data, a lot of ampersands and quotes and strings of text, or a simple space.

    It's not too bad.. Just add the categories first to save yourself some time and the Author you can default, or modify any other things you want in the rrss import script itself.

    But, doesn't everyone just LOVE Word Press?

    Lonny Paul

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