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  • Is there any way to read the content of an xml file that has been ‘pushed’ via FTP to our server? By this I mean that the PA will be sending an xml file with news stories to our server and we then want to take the content from that file and have it appear on the blog.

    PA call this ‘FTP Pushing’ however I am unfamiliar with this as we have in the past used RSS xml feeds provided by another agency. PA say they cannot and will not provide a simple RSS feed for us 🙁

    An example of the xml file we need wordpress to read can be seen here…

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  • Have you tried importing the file (albeit slightly modified) using the default WordPress import? More documentation about WordPress importing abilities is available here, and there are quite a number of forum topics related to XML import.

    Well the problem is the files will be uploaded to the FTP space 6 times a day by the AP (Associated Press), so that really isn’t practical. 🙁

    I have a similar requirement as poshcoffee above. I would really appreciate any help in this regard.


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