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  • I’ve tried searching for this in the forums but can’t find anything exactly like it.

    I’ve imported my comments from my old WordPress hosted blog to my new blog (, and the comments show on the post, but the link showing the users name is not showing on the post. So, there’s no way that a user can see who left the comment.

    Also, on my Comments dashboard, the e-mail address and Web address shows, but the user name displays as
    <![CDATA[user name]]> . I don’t understand this. Why are my links not coming across for this?

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  • It appears to be a bug that was introduced in 2.2.1 and quite a few folks have reported the problems here. The simple solution is to just remove the CDATA tag stuff in the comment authors tags of the file to import. Or fix the export code to not include it or fix the importer. This appear to be fixed (somewhat differently in the 2.3 code that I’ve looked at).

    If it’s already in the database, One could write a script or maybe some clever SQL to update a database with the problem. Or modify some search and replace plugin to do it. Evidently the folks that would do that, haven’t had the problem.

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