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  • Hello,
    I ran my blog for a few months, maintaining everything by hand and using enetation ( for the comments. Then I switched to WP and added all my old posts in. I found out that in order to export comments, I have to pay a $14 fee and I’ll get the comments in “csv” format.
    My first question is: Is there any good way to import such a file into WP? There is no concrete association between my posts and the comments. The posts themselves have already been added into WP, so the only similarity may be an id number.
    My next question: Is it worth paying the fee to export or would it be just as time consuming as adding them to each post by hand?
    Thanks for any input.

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  • First, they’re charging $14 for a csv dump? I left the Internet business too soon…

    Whether the cost is worth it is really up to you. Even if comments can be tied to a post ID, you’ll still need to massage the csv into a sql format to import into your database. That’s not necessarily a difficult task, but the time it may take should be considered compared to dropping them in manually.

    Anyway, here’s an idea for a semi-shortcut on the manual side ($14?!). Create a text file with the following line:

    INSERT INTO wp_comments VALUES (NULL, POST_ID, '', '', '', '', '2005-03-25 01:00:00', '2005-03-25 06:00:00', 'POST_ID', 0, '0', 0, '', '', 0);

    Alter the table prefix for wp_comments if you’re not using the default. Duplicate the line as often as you wish, but (and here’s the work) change POST_ID to a numeric post ID–preferably those posts with comments from your other site. I think you get the idea here. It’s in two places in the INSERT line so that when you’re editing comments later (adding author, comment, correct timestamp, etc), the post ID will appear in the comment text field, providing a key to the post the comment “belongs” to.

    Import this file into your database through whatever sql admin tool you may be using. Comments will be set to moderated, so they won’t appear on your site until you want them to.

    Thanks, I’ll give that a try!
    They’re really charging $14 for “premium service”, which includes the export, but there’s no way to just pay for the export itself…it really is ridiculous since I only pay $4/month for hosting!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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