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  • Hey there,

    It seems that all the importing tools, scripts and plugins to move posts and comments from b2evolution to WordPress work fine, but do not work for the lates version of b2 namely ‘phoenix’.

    Every try I made resulted in errors and the plugin stopping at step 2 (the actual importing).

    I checked:
    * data and it’s location;
    * access rights;
    * passwords etc.

    …but no luck.

    Is there anyone here who has:
    * experience with this or;
    * a working solution or;
    * any idea on how to tackle this issue?

    This would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I see that no one responded to your post. I have some experience moving from b2Evolution to WP. I don’t know what build ‘Phoenix’ is, but I just moved a friend from b2 evolution to WP, and he was running version 0.9.2.

    What errors are you getting? I found that my problem with the import script had to do with my mis-remembering the username/password combo. Remeber, it wants the username/password for your server or host, not your blog username and password.

    However, after the import, I noticed that the importer did not work as expected: blog names were not imported as top level categories (in fact no categories were imported), and comment counts were set at zero, even though posts had comments.

    I have not found a solution for these yet, and I suspect it may come down to a compatibility issue between the import script and the latest version of b2Evolution.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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