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  • I just imported my archives from Blogger and it screwed up my theme somehow – not really sure what happened, but I’ve lost pretty much my whole formatting. I’m not quite sure why that’s happening, and I did as the tutorial suggested and deleted the files that Blogger published from my server. Can anyone help me out? My blog’s at – if you want to take a look.

    I searched to see if this had been covered, but couldn’t find it. I’m new, though, so don’t hate me if I missed it!!

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  • Uh, did you overwrite your blog’s root index.php with your Blogger export file? Because that’s certainly what it looks like.

    I ran a validation on your site and you are missing the doctype and other information in your header, which will bork everything. Check the validation and try to fix it and everything should be okay.

    I also saw a <wordpresspost> tag that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if that is part of a plugin or what, but there is no “wordpresspost tag”, though you can use that as a style reference.

    Did you have HTML in your posts that you imported? There might be a glitch there, too, but solving the doctype and header problems might fix everything.

    Eesh. Okay, I don’t know what half this stuff is. I used the Andy Skelton import thingy and followed the directions in the tutorial. So, of course, the answer is I really don’t know WHAT I did. I didn’t put in any tags.

    I’m not sure what the doctype is. Ack! Now I just want to undo it all, but I don’ t think there’s a way to do that.

    I do have HTML in my posts – mostly img src tags and some links.

    Ignore the issue of doctype and whatnot. It won’t validate because it’s not an XHTML/HTML document. What we’re looking at when visiting your blog is the actual import file.

    Have you gone through the import step of the Blogger import in WordPress? If so, then try renaming index.php in your blog’s root (don’t delete it because we’re not sure of anything yet), and reupload a copy of (the root folder) index.php from the WordPress install.

    Okay, I reuploaded another copy of index.php and renamed the other one (and the index.html that Blogger dumped in there) and now it’s loading properly and my archives are in there. So, should I delete the old index.php and index.html?

    And do you know what I did wrong? (So I can avoid ever ever ever doing THAT again.)

    THANKS for all your help!

    With your Blogger posts firmly in WordPress, you should be ok removing those files. I personally zip up such things and store them away somewhere for a bit, but I’m paranoid when it comes to my data…

    As for what *went* wrong, at some point the Blogger import file just got saved as index.php, which in the scheme of things is not a major oops. But you really shouldn’t need to go through this again, unless you continue using Blogger and importing from it. Now THAT would be doing something wrong. ;)


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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