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  • Hello, trying to migrate mi lyrics website to wordpress, thus creating a post for each lyric in my DB, had to create a script to generate XML files from static HTML pages in order to import them to WP.

    Everything runs smoothly in batches of 5K lyrics/posts, but when my WP installation has around 12 to 13K posts, the import function stops working, the xml upload works fine, but after choosing the author and clicking on import, nothing happens, the page goes blank, and no posts are imported.

    I´m thinking it´s an issue of post volume and maybe some parameter set in WP, already changed the max_execution_time in my php.ini in order for the import script not to time out.

    If anyone has had to deal with this issue before or could lend me a hand, I would truly appreciate it.

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  • I have a similar problem. My WXR files are small (400k) and well-formed XML, and I have already dilated the memory/upload parameters in php.ini, .htaccess, with no good result. Very small files work OK but 400K files are supposed to be well below the limit

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