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    I’ve exported one of my single installation blogs (on a subdomain) into a WordPress MS virtual domain blog. The post count of the original blog is just over 5,000, but the post count for the blog I imported the posts to is just over 3,000. Have I lost 2,000 posts or is one of the blogs miscounting? Is there a way I can check the success of the export/import process?

    I imported the posts in two different ways (they’ve been imported twice, only show once, though, thankfully):

    1, I exported the original blog posts according to categories then imported each category export file into the replacement blog; and

    2, I exported the whole blog as one 8.4 Mb file which I then split (using a WXR file splitter) before importing it’s split parts.

    All of the imports received the success message printed at the bottom of the import screen.

    Where have I gone wrong?

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  • Lee


    Worked it out: some of the export files required more than 64 Mb to create so the export script terminated prematurely hence not all content was being added to the file. Must split the files into even smaller chunks.

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